Puppy Guarantee

Seeuferhause Rottweilers are first and foremost working rottweilers. In order for them to excel as working rottweilers they must be physically robust, and free of any hereditary faults that prevent them from accomplishing everything that their owners need them to.

All Seeuferhause puppies are sold with an unconditional lifetime guarantee against all known / common hereditary faults. The faults that this guarantee covers are listed below:

  • General: Marked reversal of sexual type, i.e., feminine dogs or masculine bitches.
  • Behaviour: Anxious, shy, cowardly, gun-shy, vicious, excessively suspicious, nervous animals.
  • Eyes: Entropian, Ectropian, yellow eyes, different coloured eyes.
  • Teeth: Overshot or undershot bite, missing premolars or molars.
  • Coat Texture: Very long or wavy coat.
  • Coat Colour: Dogs which do not show the typical Rottweiler colouring of black with tan markings. White markings.
  • Note: Males must have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

The above faults are as per those listed on the Rottweiler Club of Victoria website

In addition to the above list Seeuferhause Rottweilers guarantees all of its puppies against Hip / Elbow dysplasia.

All of our breeding stock is tested and examined by a qualified / recognised veterinarian for all of the above hereditary faults and will only be used for breeding if they are assessed to be of satisfactory standard in those areas.

Should you believe that your Seeuferhause Rottweiler displays a hereditary fault in any of the above categories it should be brought to our attention immediately. Should the fault be verified we will offer you a replacement puppy of equivalent quality, free of charge. There is no opportunity for monetary refunds other than at the discretion of Seeuferhause Rottweilers.

In the case where the replacement puppy may need to be transported to the owners’ residence all costs associated with transport are to be the responsibility of the owner and Seeuferhause Rottweilers cannot be held accountable for this.

If the situation arises that the owner and Seeuferhause Rottweilers cannot agree on the existence of a hereditary disorder the final judgement on the nature of the issue will be with Dr. Tony Meese of the Fawkner Veterinary Hospital. Any costs associated with presenting the dog for examination by Dr. Meese will be at the owner’s expense. Dr. Meese’s’ fees will be paid by Seeuferhause Rottweilers.

If an owner suspects their dog has a hereditary fault and undertakes potential remedial action without consultation / approval from Seeuferhause Rottweilers then Seeuferhause Rottweilers will not be required to fulfil the requirements of this guarantee.

Laurie Boutzetis
Seeuferhause Rottweilers