Current Litters

New legislation in the state of Victoria prohibits the advertising of dogs for sale without a Pet Exchange Register Source Number.

Seeuferhause Rottweilers PER Source number is: RB100296

In addition to this source number all breeders are also required to display the individual microchip numbers of all animals listed for sale – Seeuferhause Rottweilers have a certificate from our vet confirming that micro chipping puppies before 6 weeks of age could be prejudicial to their health – microchip numbers will be displayed on this page for all puppies over 6 wks

Details of our current litters and available puppies are listed below

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If litters listed below are not of interest please see our
Planned Litters page for details on litters planned for later in the year

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Litter No 1 –

 Litter Details

Sire: Seeuferhaus DRAGO Perkele (aka DRAGO) (AI) (DNA profile, JLPP free)

(Drago vom Tanneneck (imp GMY via FINLAND) x Seeuferhause ESKY)


Dam: Seeuferhause CALI

(Seeuferhause QUANTUS x Seeuferhause JAFFA)

***** All Puppies from this litter have been SOLD *****

Seeuferhause DRAGO Perkele (AI)

Seeuferhause DRAGO Perkele (AI)

Seeuferhause Cali

Seeuferhause Cali

This litter will provide super prospects for working homes or people looking for those strong, uncompromising family guardians / companions!

The puppies have arrived and we have 4 male and 4 females – born on the 29th Feb it’s far too early for individual photos or videos but we post some litter box photos soon…..

I expect medium, strong rottweilers from this combination, high working drives, strong nerves and stability and super grips! They will be athletic, powerful and agile; good bone strength, super rich markings and nice traditional rottweiler head type.

This is Cali’s 3rd and likely last litter. The first; sired by Seeuferhause VARUS, produced some excellent working rottweilers. One of those is owned, trained and handled by Adam Tonnazzi; his name is Roman and he is a very promising dog sport participant. The 2nd was sired by Seeuferhause Sovil MEDOC (aka DEEZEL) and this too produced some stunning rottweilers.

The sire of this litter Drago is proving to be a very effective stud dog! He produces excellent character / temperament and some nice looking specimens of the breed.

Here is a photo of the puppies nursing on day 2…. poor Cali… they keeping her busy!!

Photos: Below are photos of the Drago x Cali Puppies at 5-1/2 weeks – all males and one female are sold. Only females available.

Video: In the video below you will see the Drago x Cali puppies at 5-1/2 weeks first time exposure to these surrounds and having a play session before breakfast.

This photo shown below is of Cali and the puppies sired by Drago on Day 2 – they don’t stay small for long…..

Cali and her puppies - day 2 - sired by Drago

Cali and her puppies – day 2 – sired by Drago

Litter No 2 –

Litter Details

Breeding completed – Litter ARRIVED 14/4/2020

***** All puppies from this litter have been SOLD*****

Sire: Seeuferhause Sovil MEDOC (aka DEEZEL)
(Seeuferhause OLEG x Seeuferhause ESKY)


Dam: Seeuferhause Sovil SNOOKIE (AI)
(Rocky vom Allnatal (imp GMY via USA) x Seeuferhause JAFFA)





A super combination that we believe will produce the ultimate family companions / guardians.

Deezel is very much in the mould of his sire but… an improved version!! Hard, uncompromising, driven, with high energy and yet social and confident in all environments; working field or walks in the park with his owners. His working drives are high and his grips are crushing. A large, agile, compact and physically strong specimen.

Snookie is a medium female, compact, physically strong and robust. High energy with an off switch, eager to work, balanced, high drives.

Clyde vom Tanneneck

Clyde vom Tanneneck

This combination brings into play a (3 – 3) line breeding on our old German import Clyde vom Tanneneck – this is significant for 3 reasons – POWER, PERFORMANCE, STABILITY – that’s the result of Clyde in any pedigree!

I expect this combination will produce large muscular, compact dogs with a strong will to work. Colours will be dark and temperaments will be strong.

Snookies’ last litter produced some exceptional head type, substance and strong bone – I expect the same with this litter.

Below is a photo of Buddy, he is from Snookie last litter with our Stud Seeuferhause Sovil Butch.

Buddy 14mths (Butch x Snookie)

Buddy 14mths (Butch x Snookie)

Below are some videos of puppies from previous Seeuferhause litters, at various ages, enjoying themselves. We hope you enjoy watching them.

Seeuferhause Sovil PONGO x Seeuferhause Sovil INA

Below is a video of the puppies having a play of “tug of war”; they have intense play drive, nice deep grips and show excellent nerve in new surroundings. As you can see the puppies are a nice size, physically strong and very active. They will make excellent candidates for any training application you may have in mind.

Seeuferhause QUANTUS x Seeuferhause XTRA

Here is a short video (below) showing the puppies responsiveness to the clicker – the puppies are 5 weeks old in this video and have been exposed to the clicker for approx 1 week – the response will continue to grow stronger and more intense as the puppies grow – they will be ready to commence obedience training utilising the clicker at 8 weeks should their new owners be interested in doing so.

Below you will see Gold Boy having his first try over the see saw – handled it like a BOSS!

In the video below you will see Mr Mauve having a great old time playing a bit of tug with some old socks….

Miss White is not one to miss out on some fun….below you will see her having her turn of biting on the old socks….

Here is an interesting video of a young ESKY (red collar) playing tug of war (with a brass fur saver) with Seeuferhause BUDDY as puppies…..

Puppies that are reared at Seeuferhause live an active life….here are the puppies going for a walk through the grounds and having a play on the trampoline. Walking puppies is an integral activity for their well being and physical development….by the time these pups are 8 wks old they will be walking about a km per day….

….check us out….

…..let’s go!!!

Here is a short video of the puppies having a play in the yard….

All Seeuferhause Rottweiler puppies are sold with a lifetime guarantee on all hereditary faults, main register Dogs Vic pedigree, microchipped, a puppy school voucher and of course lifetime support from us; the breeders.