Seeuferhause Sovil “T” litter

Sire: Seeuferhause QUANTUS (aka Zeus)

Dam: Seeuferhause XTRA (aka Nala)


XTRA (aka Nala)

The puppies are coming along well. Eating their raw food diet and growing. These photos were taken at 3.5 weeks – their development will be extremely fast over the next few weeks and as such I will be updating photos every week.

They are confident and very outgoing. Inquisitive and playful they take well to new environments and external stimuli.

A new initiative with this litter is the “charging of the clicker”. Clicker training is a very effective method for rottweiler puppies. IN order to commence using the clicker your puppy must understand that the noise of the clicker indicates a forthcoming reward….your Seeuferhause puppy will already know this when you collect it. This will mean you can start training immediately without delay to teach this concept. I will post of a video of this in the coming weeks.

Blue Girl - SOLD


Green Boy - SOLD

Mauve Boy - SOLD

No Collar Boy - SOLD

Pink Boy - SOLD

Purple Girl - SOLD


White Girl - SOLD