Seeuferhause “T” Litter

Seeuferhause Varus (aka Viper) – (Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY) x Seeuferhause Echo)
Seeuferhause Yessie (Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY) x Von Zennith Shaki (both parents German imports)

Seeuferhause Varus (aka Viper)

Seeuferhause Yessie

These puppies are very active and high in drive. They will make excellent family companion / guardians. They carry some of best imported German bloodlines.

Puppies have been vaccinated and micro chipped and will be ready to go in about a week (1st week Dec).

Blue Collar Boy - SOLD

Gold Collar Girl

No Collar Girl - SOLD

Pink Collar Girl - SOLD

Purple Collar Boy - SOLD

Rainbow Collar Girl - SOLD