Occassionally we will offer top quality K9 products & accesories for sale. Rest assured we will not list any product for sale if we have not used it ourselves and find it to be of the finest quality for its intended use.

Rottweiler Specific Accessories

These rottweiler specific accessories are available in limited qty’s.

Rottweiler lge decal - $24.50ea
Rottweiler Med decal - $9.99ea
Rottweiler Head, Iron On Patch - $14.50ea
Rottweiler Iron On Patch - $14.50ea
Rottweiler Doormat - $39.99ea
Rottweiler Coffee Mug - $19.90ea
Baseball Caps, red&blue / green - $24.99ea

General Accessories

Leather Collar - fits most adults - $34.99ea
Linen Puppy Tug/Sleeve - $160ea
Adult Grip Developer - $49.90ea
Suede Puppy Tug - $9.50ea

We have also just launched the Seeuferhause range of t-shirts and baseball caps. Over time we will add to this range with other items of clothing & accessories that are suited to all things related to dog acitivities.

Seeuferhause Baseball Cap - $24.90
Seeuferhause T-Shirt - $28.00 front view
Seeuferhause T-Shirt - $28.00 back View

If you would like to order any of these products please send us an email with a list of requirements and be sure to include you address so that we can provide the shipping costs. The prices listed above do not include shipping. Payment is to be made via direct deposit – details will be provided with shipping costs.

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