My name is Laurie Boutzetis. I bought my first rottweiler in 1987, just like everyone else; straight out of the Trading Post. He was great pet, but did not have the working drives I expected this type of dog to have. My next purchase was in 1995. This is also when I met my now good friend and mentor Ms Joy Belles. Joy was kind enough to sell me a male puppy Rotvel Aussie Iron, a Wallkuer Carue (Chaka) son. This was the “real” rottweiler I had been looking for. The years would show this dog to be extremely high in all his drives, an excellent guard and my best mate for a long time. This purchase had started a long association with Ms Belles and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her help and guidance over the years, and I look forward to many more of the same. I am dedicated to breeding sound working dogs and stable companions. I aim to create a reputation for producing the “real, working rottweiler” . Our breeding program is based on the bloodlines that have historically produced dogs of superior working ability. We have gone to great lengths and expense to secure the best possbile foundation stock to propel our program into the future. It is our vision that we will breed rottweilers capable of perfoming at the highest levels of all breed dog sport events. New owners of puppies bearing the prefix “Seeuferhause” will be carefully selected. It is not everyones birth right to have one!

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