DOB: 14/10/2006
Height: 67.5 cms
Weight: 53kgs
Hips: (1-1)
Elbows: (0-0) x-rayed at 21mths
Dentition: Scissor , Complete

Sire: Ulix vom Turnleberg SCH/VPGIII, BH, ZTP, HD +/-, ED frei
Dam: Xanta vom Hohegeiss VPGI, BH, AD, HD frei, ED +

Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY)
....the beast!
...ready to go!

RIP Clyde…..the King of Kings!!!! 14/10/2006 – 8/4/2016

Clyde is our German import. He is an exciting working rottweiler prospect coming from what is probably the most prestigious working pedigree in this country! Congratulations to Uwe Haack of the vom Tanneneck kennel in Germany for producing this great rottweiler.

Clyde is a very large male, with excellent bone and substance. He has dark eyes and mouth pigmentation and very rich markings. Clyde is extremely compact with a short back for such a large dog. He moves with power and grace and has matured into a very formidable male, with a physical presence second to none. Clyde is the dog you want living with and protecting your family!

His work on the schutzhund field is exciting and very dynamic. He has a flair for all aspects of the routine. His grips are exceptionally full, hard and calm. He is a very serious dog who does not tolerate any challenge from anyone or anything. He demonstrates exceptional hardness and thick / stable nerve.

Clyde is proving to be a rottweiler stud dog with excellent “producing” qualities; see his daughter Jutta’s and his son Viper’s pages.

Clyde’s Progeny:

Clyde x Guardstarz Quinta - 8mths
Clyde x Guardstarz Myth - 8mths
Clyde x Rotvel Aussie Yang - 3 yrs
Clyde x Seeuferhause Aska - 3 yrs
Clyde x Seeuferhause Echo (Varus) - 2 yrs
Clyde x Seeuferhause Echo (Diesel) 2 yrs

Jero vom Kressbach 4-4
Aki von der Peeler Hutte 5 – 4,4
Xenia vom Schwaiger Wappen 4-5


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