DOB: 28/9/2013
Weight: 37 kgs
Hips: R3 : L4
Elbows: R0 : L0
Dentition: Complete / Correct
Eyes: Normal / Similar

Sire: Seeuferhause QUANTUS
Dam: Seeuferhause JAFFA

the above photo was taken in the last week of Cali’s pregnancy – we will update photos in the near future

Cali is non-stop!!!!

Built like a 100m sprinter and she moves like one. Physically robust, she has an endless resource of energy and drive….. this is the literal “black and tan” malinois that we are sometimes known for.

But there is more to Cali than just energy; a balanced temperament, good nerves, good grip and a strong will to work. Cali is open and social in public however is territorial and protective of her own…. particularly her puppies.

Cali demonstrated excellent brood bitch qualities in her first litter and seems that she will be a producer of hard working rottweilers that Seeuferhause wants to be known as – you can see a short video of one of her young sons below.

Line breeding:

Rasmus vom Turnleberg (3 – 4)
Farah vom Turnleberg (4 – 5,5)
Noris vom Gruntenblick (5,4 – 6,6)