DOB: 11/5/2010
Weight: 43kgs
Hips: (0-0)
Elbows: (0-0)
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Boris Z Lebedova Dvora (imp SLOVAKIA via SWE) SCHII, IPOII
Dam: Seeuferhause Jutta

The write up for the dogs displayed on our website is normally written by Seeuferhause, however in this case I have broken with tradition. The reason for this is that whilst I bred Zooka, the essence of the dog and what he is can be attributed not only to his genetics but also to the hard work and endeavour provided by his owner Catherine Dry. So the words you will read next are those of Catherine and they make me proud as Zooka’s breeder.

Catherine has described Zooka from both an owner and dog trainer perspective but from a working perspective be assured this is a great working rottweiler – sound, stable and strong!

Athletic build with beautiful muscle definition.

Where do I start? I was in search of Zooka for a number of years, I had his name, & a shopping list of traits I did & didn’t want from Drive, Temperament through to the coat he would have.

I spoke with many breeders & viewed as many puppies, only to walk away as I found the breeders to be secretive or like the cliché “used car salesmen” & spoke a lot of BS & the pup’s I viewed were not to be what I was personally after.

I am a full time professional dog trainer & needed a dog that would step up on every level from its prey to defence drives, having a good “cut off switch” and an eagerness to learn. He needed to have a sound temperament as I have a home that entertains frequently with family & friends always calling in.

I visited Laurie at Seeuferhause Kennels a number of times with my exercise book of what it was I was after & viewed a number of good pups, however they were not suited for the strict guidelines I had set out for myself.

I have the moment I chose Zooka on Video &could not have been happier or chosen wiser!

Friends & clients have said that Zooka was the most planned out & anticipated dog in history LOL!!

From the time he officially came home on 8pm on a Friday night, every aspect of his interaction had been thought out & planned. His training / socialisation & habituation started from that point on & has been documented on The K9 Company’s & Zookas’ Facebook page for people to learn & follow his progress.

His obedience is outstanding & is a perfect reflection of the time that has been dedicated & invested in to him. He attends all of our group training classes, puppy schools, fundraising & media events. Zooka is used as our demo dog & to teach children about responsible behaviour when in the presence of a dog. He was also a ring bearer in a colleagues wedding! (photo included)

Zookas’ prey & defence drives are nicely balanced and his recovery from stress is immediate, as demonstrated by Brad Griggs (K9 Service International) at a recent NDTF Aggression workshop.

I couldn’t be happier with my investment in Zooka. He impresses all the meet him & I already have a number of clients & associates that are interested in his progeny. Zooka leaves big shoes to fill where ever he goes & is a simply wonderful specimen of the Rottweiler breed.


Aki von der Peeler Hutte (4,5,6 – 6,6)
Hero vom Hohegeiss (4 – 5)
Nemo vom Hegnenbacher Landl (4 – 5)


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