Seeuferhause females are selected from proven, reliable lines. We have predominantly acquired females from our good friend Ms Joy Belles of Rotvel Rottweilers. Joy has been breeding this wonderful breed since 1968 and is currently on the oldest breeding prefixes in the country.

Joy is meticulous in her selection of her breeding stock and has for years pioneered many safe breeding practices such as x-raying for hips / elbows, clearing breeding stock from star cataracts and of course is one of the very first breeders to sell dogs with tails (circa early 90’s)

For these reasons we subscribe to her views on bitch selection. They must be robust, feminine, structurally correct, self assured, possess the correct maternal instincts and of course possess the correct rottweiler character.

In addition to the above all of our females are evaluated for their working abilities to allow for a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

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