Seeuferhause Sovil NOVA

DOB: 20/3/2015
Weight: 42kgs
Hips: R1 : L1
Elbows: R0 : L0
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Seehferhause XANTHOS
Dam: Seeuferhause ALLEGRA

Nova1 15mths

**the photos of Nova were taken at 15 months – updated photos will be added shortly

Nova is an upcoming female of the Seeuferhause family. She represents everything that we look for in all of our dogs; male or female!

Nova is intense, powerful and dynamic. She is a medium to large female, physically very strong and robust with the mentality of a street fighter! She has an edge that makes her a formidable K9. There is nothing that we don’t like about her.

Nova’s handler / trainer is doing an awesome job tapping into her genetic strength and creating a very nice performance with her – see the videos below. Its a work in progress with title achievements on the near horizon.

Nova will participate in our breeding program in the near future with much thought being put into her 1 st breeding which should occur sometime in 2017!


Here is a video of Nova and her handler Peter Sutton going through some obedience drills in the box. Nova is fast and precise, credit to Peter for his work!

This next video is one of Peter teaching Nova the protection skills she will require in an IPO routine using a flexipole. Nova is a powerful female with very intense drives.


Allgemein Kai (3 – 2)
Rasmus vom Turnleberg (4 – 3,4)


Nova Pedigree