DOB: 2/1/2010
Weight: 45kgs
Hips: 3 / 3
Elbows: 0/0
Dentition: Scissor Bite / Complete
Eyes: Clear / Normal

DNA profiled and JLPP clear (see report below)

Sire: Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY)
Dam: Seeuferhause Echo

Viper and his handler Tim

I am pleased to announce that Varus (aka Viper) is back with us as Seeuferhause Rottweilers!!

After a successful term in the NT Police force, and a successful field record Viper is back with us due to unforeseen “re-certification” issues. I am excited about this dogs impact on our breeding program over the next couple of years – having sent him off to “work” I had anticipated his influence to be only via frozen semen, however, he will now be able to play a more significant role in the short term – keep an eye out for planned litters with this intense rottweiler!!!

these photos have been taken 23/11/2014…..

Sometimes in life things happen that we cannot understand……late last year my boy DOC left us and the place felt very empty. In the next couple of months I received a call from Viper’s original owners; their circumstances had changed and they could not keep him any longer. So…I brought him HOME.

In the next few weeks he revealed his true character – one word can describe him….INTENSE.

Viper is a son of Clyde vom Tanneneck and a grandson of Doc. He is a true representative of both of those impressive rottweilers.

Viper is a medium size rottweiler, with a superb head piece, dark eyes, dark mouth pigmentation and beautiful rich markings. He is substantial, physically strong and carries himself with a definite swagger! He is compact and has excellent overall conformation.

Viper is the true Seeuferhause rottweiler – nerves of steel, tons of drive, highly territorial and loyal.

Line breeding:

Farah vom Turnleberg (4 – 4)
Noris vom Gruntenblick (5 – 5)



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