Seeuferhause “Sovil D” Litter –

Seeuferhause WOLF (Boris Z Lebedova Dvora (imp Slovakia) x Seeuferhause Issis)
Guardstarz QUINTA (Siegertal Uri (DOC) x Guardstarz Leisha)

Seeuferhause WOLF
Guardstarz QUINTA

Puppies are three weeks old and progressing nicely…there are 5F and 4M…(3 males and 1 female already reserved).

This litter will produce substantial rottweilers with hard working temperaments…they will be stable and open characters with a high desire to please. Within this litter will be candidates for high level working applications and strong family companions.

Wolf is a super confident outgoing male, comfortable in any social setting…yet challenge him or his owners and you will be faced with a most formidable opponent that will not give an inch!! Quinta is a high energy female from our old boy “DOC’, super prey drive, solid nerves and a strong working temperament…she is definitely a “chip off the old block”.

Here is a couple of group shots of the pups at 1 week old….individual photos of each pup will be posted when they are 3 weeks old…

bundle of joy...WOLF x QUINTA puppies
...they love the straw!

Here are the individual photos of the puppies….they are 6 weeks old….their development over the next few weeks will be rapid and the way they look will change significantly…keep an eye on them!

No Collar Girl - SOLD
Pink Girl - SOLD
Purple Girl - SOLD
Rainbow Girl - SOLD
Red Collar Girl - SOLD
Blue Collar Boy - SOLD
Green Collar Boy - SOLD
Mustard Collar Boy - SOLD
White Collar Boy - TENTATIVE

A couple of shots of the pups out and about on the property….

..chilling out
Piggy backs anyone??
piggy backs with...BITE!

Here is a couple of videos of the Wolf x Quinta puppies playing around and getting a little rowdy….

Puppies that are reared at Seeuferhause live an active life….here are the puppies going for a walk through the grounds and having a play on the trampoline. Walking puppies is an integral activity for their well being and physical development….by the time these pups are 8 wks old they will be walking about a km per day….

....check us out....
.....let's go!!!

Here is a short video of the puppies having a play in the yard….

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