DOB: 2/6/2016
Hips: TBC
Elbows: TBC
Dentition: Complete / Correct
Eyes: Normal / Similar

Sire: DAGO vom Turnleberg, Korung Gek bizEZA, BH, AD, IPOIII, VPGIII, V1 Klubsieger Working Class (imp GMY via USA)
Dam: Seeuferhause GCHOPPER


Vixen comes to us via way of artificial insemination.

Vixen’s sire Dago; is one of the most credentialed rottweilers exported from Germany to USA. Dago achieved great success in both the conformation ring and the working field. He has also produced some exceptional rottweilers in both arenas also. Dago’s frozen semen was & still is sought after in Australia and at the time of the “V” litter being born, we are fortunate that Seeuferhause has been the only successful kennel to produce his progeny! A huge thanks to Stuart Mason at Monash Veterinary Clinic for his help.

Vixen’s dam is one of our most exceptional working bitches; Seeuferhause GChopper. GChopper brings huge amounts of working drive to the table, intensity and overall working ability!

Vixen is a very promising young rottweiler – a beautiful female, with excellent substance, pigmentation and overall conformation. She is energetic and enthusiastic. We anticipate she will be a great addition to our future brood bitch stocks.

In the video below you will see Vixen’s sire Dago vom Turnleberg going through his paces with some obedience and protection routine exercises.

Line breeding:

“U” litter Turnleberg (Ulix & Umbra) (2 – 3)