DOB: 10/8/2005
Height: 65cms
Weight: 52kg
Hips: 5 / 4
Elbows: 1/1
Dentition: Scissor Bite / Complete
Eyes: Clear / Normal

Sire: Rasmus vom Turnleberg (imp GMY)
Dam: Kjeringa’s Corona vom Kernecht (imp USA)

Kai is awesome!!!

Kai is a substantial, well boned typical male rottweiler. Head is typey and correct. Eyes are dark and markings are rich mahogany. He is well muscled, athletic and dynamic. His angles are correct and he is has well knuckled, tight feet. His temperament is extreme and typical of his lineage. He is aggressive and definately a one man / family dog. To them he is a teddy bear – to strangers an absolute beast!! He is high in prey drive and very serious when he has to be. He is a dog that cannot be taken lightly, and his fight drive can only be described as extreme!!

Kai represents the most influential bloodline in the history of the breed – he is a grandson of the famous Noris vom Gruntenblick through his most influential dam’s side and also via his fathers side. We have high expectations from Kai with regards to his breeding potential – he will improve substance, head type, working drive and nerve strength.

Line breeding:
Noris vom Grutenblick (3 – 2)
Vicky vom Schwaiger Wappen (4 – 5)
Karo vom Schwaiger Wappen (5,5 – 6)


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