DOB: 5/5/2004 – RIP: March 2011
Weight: 42kgs
Hips: (2-2)
Elbows: (1-1.5)
Dentition: Correct and complete

Sire: Rotvel Aussie Wolf
Dam: Rotvel Aussie Viggi

Rotvel Au Corse

Cors is a large femine bitch. She is extremely athletic, muscular and robust. She has very dark mouth and lip pigment and dark eyes. Her top and bottom lines are good and she moves with power and reach not regularly seen in rottweilers. She is exceptionally strong in the hindquarters with very well muscled thighs. Her bone is good and her coat, colour & markings are correct.

She is a dominant female who is the boss of our kennel.

Cors displays extreme prey drive, extreme alertness and very high fight drives. She does not tolerate other females and will not be dominated by male dogs either. She is a territorial female.

We expect that bred to the right male she will produce some extreme working rottweilers.

Cors is a product of the successful line breeding program of Rotvel Rottweilers.

Walkuer Carue (Chaka) 4,4 – 4,4
Graf Vom Gruntenblick 5,5 – 5,5,6
Alarstars Garth Von Cujo 5,6 – 5,5,6
Felix Vom Magdeberg 6,6 – 6,6,6
Echo Vom Magdeberg 6,6 – 6,6,6

In Breed co-efficient: 16%

Cors Pedigree:

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