DOB:1st August, 2007
Weight: 45kgs
Dentition: Correct & Complete

Sire: Allgemein Falko
Dam: Rotvel Aussie Viggi

Cojak is the latest of the Seeuferhause bred stud dogs to be used in our breeding program.

He is the sire of our “M” litter, mated to Guardstarz Ronja. Although the pups are young they show much promise and likeness to their sire.

Cojak, is a medium sized male, with excellent substance, bone strength and head type. His markings are rich and his eyes and pigmentation are dark. Cojak is compact and very athletic and has a very strong desire to work. He has extreme prey drive, super, crushing grip and strong nerves. He has the ability to go from 0-100kph in about 2 secs and then back to 0 in the same time. He is a dog that is protective of his home and owner yet, social and amicable in neutral circumstances – he is the ideal family companion / guardian!



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