DOB: 20/3/2011
Hips: 1-2
Elbows: 1-1
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY)
Dam: Guardstarz Myth

Chopper is from our “G” litter, therefore the spelling of her name GChopper… there is a reason behind her name….unfortunately her mother was a little overzealous in her cleaning efforts at birth which left poor chop chop with only one complete ear!!! So, GChopper was after named after the high profile Melbourne gangster Chopper Reid who famously hacked his own ears off to be removed from his prison division….the legend was elevated to criminal folklore in the movie Chopper starring Eric Bana.

Gchopper is all business….whilst a well adjusted family member she is not tolerant of any strangers. She is a very high drive female and does not know what slow…or stop means. she is medium in size, superbly athletic and a very good representation of her working bloodlines. She has extreme prey/play drive and a super, crushing grip! She is very territorial and she is bullet proof in terms of her environmental confidence.

GChopper is definitely a female that working kennels would love to have..evidence of this was the “open cheque book offer’ made by a working dog aficionado during a recent visit to our kennel…suffice to say the offer was rejected as we eagerly anticipate GChopper’s contribution to our breeding program.

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