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Seeuferhause takes the repsonsibility of breeding seriously…..we hope that you as a prospective puppy buyer also take your responsibility seriously; as such prior to making any contact with us regarding a puppy please ensure you have thought about this siginifcant responsibility thoroughly.

The level of thought put into this decision will be reflected in your initial enquiry regarding a puppy. All too often we receive enquiries like the following:

“whats the price of your pups?”….”have you got any males for sale?”…..”how much for your pups?”

Suffice to say…..those type of off the cuff queries are either ignored or you will be asked to provide more information!

So, in order to ensure our conversation is a great one please ensure your enquiry regarding a Seeuferhause puppy covers the following at the very least; this will demonstrate the process of buying a puppy has been well thought out, and you are invested in this decision:

  • Provide your contact details, inlcuding full name, contact numbers and location (we will not keep this on file if you do not proceed with a puppy purchase, but it does help when it is required for things like booking transport etc)
  • Tell us how you came to know about Seeuferhause Rottweilers (if someone referred you, we like to thank them) 
  • Tell us if you have any other pets in the family and tell us about your family and living environment for the puppy
  • Tell us what the intended use of the puppy will be (family companion / guardian, sport or service dog)
  • What does your dream dog look like in terms of physicality, character and temperament?
  • Are you looking for a male or female and why?
  • Do you intend to use the puppy in a breeding program? (it makes a difference if we know what bloodlines you are seeking to combine)
  • Which of our current or planned breedings are you interested in?
  • What is the timing that will suit you best and why?
  • What is the intended training that you will undertake with the puppy and where will you do this? (if you are unclear about this we can guide and refer you to an appropriate qualified training establishment)
  • Tell us what your relevant experience is with large, powerful breed dogs

The price for a Seeuferhause puppy is listed below:

  • Family Companion (limited register pedigree papers) – $2800 + gst
  • Breeding Animal (main register papers) – $3500 + gst
  • Sport or Service dog – (performance guarantee) – $3500 + gst
  • Puppies from frozen semen breedings – ($4000 + gst)

If you would like to know more about the difference in a working dog vs family companion you can do so by clicking here

All Seeuferhause puppies are sold with a lifetime guarantee against hereditary faults – you can learn more about this by clicking here Puppy Guarantee.

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