DOB: 30/9/2014
Height: TBC
Weight: 35kgs
Hips: R8:L8
Elbows: R0:L1
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Seeuferhause OLEG
Dam: Seeuferhause GCHOPPER


Meeka is a firecracker!

Given her sire is Oleg and mother is GChopper then the “firecracker” name tag should not surprise! Oleg was one of the most formidable males that we have bred and GChopper is definitely up there with the hardest working females that have been produced by our kennel.

Meeka has drive, energy and good nerves. Super grips and a strong will to work. She is fiery in the work, but open and social. She is small but has nice overall conformation.

Meeka has produced one litter with “BOSS” and the resulting progeny are excellent Seeuferhause “types”!

Line Breeding

Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY) (2-2)
Jeneck’s Punch (imp USA) (4-4)