Rocky Vom Allnatal (imp GMY via USA) SCHIII, IPOIII, IFR 2004 competitor, 8th place IPOIII

DOB: 29/05/1999

Sire: Ceasar vom Hause Steiger
Dam: Flamme vom Allnatal

Rocky vom Allnatal is a “Rocco vom Horster Dreieck” grandson. He is a paternal line direct descendant. This bloodline is fast becoming extinct and we have been fotunate enough to obtain a number of breeding units from this exceptional dog. I would like to thank his owner Ms Sue Maturo from the USA for her generous assistance with this acquisition.

Rocky’s nickname at the schutzhund club was “the viper”. He was given this name for his striking speed at the sleeve, not a bad compliment coming from an all breeds club, that has produced the 2005 USA National Schutzhund champion!!

Rocky is an extremely athletic rottweiler with extreme prey drive and courage. He has thick nerve and the ability to hang in there when the going gets tough. He possesses high trainability and a natural willingness to work, and has a social outgoing nature.

He epitomises his genetic background. Testament to this was his representation of the USA in the IFR2004, where he placed 8th in the IPOIII category. He is multi SCHIII / IPOIII and competed until after his 7th birthday.

In addtition to his paternal grandsire, Rocky has other important working rottweilers in his pedigree, (Vico vom Rodenstein, Hassan vom Konigsgarten, Ken vom Sternbogen, Arri vom Hertner Wappen, Pia vom Hegestrauch) which makes him must in any working rottweiler kennel. This is a pedigree we were accustomed to seeing 15-20yrs ago!!!

First progeny from Rocky should be on the ground late 2010, early 2011.

Ives Eulenspeigel 5-5
Barry vom Waldhuck 5-5
Karol vom Georgshof 5-5
“V” litter Rodenstein 3-5

Rocky’s pedigree:

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