DOB: 20/3/2011
Weight: 53kgs
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY)
Dam: Guardstarz Myth

Gjacks is an absolute powerhouse!! Already weighing over 53kgs and not even 2yrs old yet. He is massive!! Super bone strength, rich beautiful markings, dark eyes, dark mouth, super head type and a muscular, substantial body. He certainly wouldn’t be out of place in the showring.

Gjacks is a high drive example of the breed. Always ready to work and thick nerved. Good grips and a well balanced set of drives. Gjacks is very well behaved in social setting as is required with a dog of this size…this is a good thing because he is very hard to stop once he gets going. Gjacks maintains excellent athleticism for a dog of his size and he is kept in a lean muscular condition by his owner.

Gjacks lives in Melbourne with owner, Mr Keddad.




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