18/04/2002 – 5/8/2011
Height: 64cms
Weight: 46kgs
Hips: 0:0
Elbows: 1:1

Sire: Quantus vom Hause Anin SCHIII, IPOIII, FHI, AD, BH, ZTP, Gekort Bis Eza
Dam: Vanessa Bohemia Ortles SCHIII, IPOIII, ZVV3, ZPS1, ZPO, BH, FH2

Boris Stud Rottweiler

Boris Stud RottweilerBoris Stud Rottweiler

Unfortunately Boris or Denny as his friends knew him was laid to rest today, Friday 5/8/2011.

Whilst his spirit and mind were as indomitable as ever, his body had succumb to the injuries he sustained as a younger dog. During his brief stay, this dog has made a significant impact to Seeuferhause Rottweilers which will be seen for years to come through his progeny and other future generations.

True to his nature till the end, he will not be forgotten.

This is an incredible animal that has so much to offer the rottweiler breed – every breeder should be seriously considering using this dog in their program; he brings all that is great about the rottweiler to the table.

His pedigree is superb, one of the best to ever enter Australia. He is a son of the famous Quantus vom Hause Anin, SCHIII, IPOIII, FHI, AD, BH, Gekort Bis Eza, ZTP. Quantus is one of the best all time producers from the famous working line of Aki von der Peeler Hutte, renowned for producing rottweilers with extreme working ability. Adding further credibility to this awesome dog is his highly credentialed mother Vanesa Bohemia Ortles, IPOIII, SCHIII, ZVV3, ZPS1, ZPO, BH, FH2. You will search long and far and you are not likely to find a bitch with these types of accomplishments. Add to this, greats such as Doc von der Teufelsbrucke, Ad von Burgthann, Dingo vom Schwaiger Wappen, Nemo vom Hegnenbacher Landl, Karo vom Schwaiger Wappen (all in the 1st 5 generations) and you have an awesome working pedigree.

In short….Boris is working rottweiler ROYALTY!!!

Boris is a once in a lifetime dog. He has the most balanced temperament I have ever seen. His nerves are of steel, his intensity is unseen and his will to work is second to none. His conformation is excellent as is his substance, head type, pigment, eye colour, markings, coat, and movement and, did I mention temperament??? All this at nearly 8yrs of age!!!

Boris is available for public stud – he will improve hips/elbows, working drive / temperament, pigment, nerves. We believe this dog should be used by as many breeders as possible – this is, one of the most highly qualified rottweiler specimens imported to Australia with awesome potential to influence the Australian gene pool in a most positive way.

Here are some videos of Boris (aka Denny) when he was a young dog in Slovakia; where he was born, participating in a training session for the dogsport of Schuzthund or IPO.

Gary von Hohenhameln 2 – 4,
Aki von Der Peeler Hutte 3, 4 – 5,
Karo vom Schwaiger Wappen 5 – 4,
Dingo vom Schwaiger Wappen 5 – 5

Boris Stur Rottweiler Pedigree

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