Weight: 42kgs
Hips: 2:2
Elbows: 0:1

Sire: Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY)
Dam: Rotvel Aussie Yang

Jutta is the first of the Clyde vom Tanneneck daughters to be included in our breeding program. Jutta lives with Penny in Melbourne, along with Ella the labradoodle and 2 cats. Jutta is a confident, outgoing rottweiler that posesses the calm confident demeanour that all the text speak of when discussing rottweilers.

Jutta is physically large, very robust and has very correct conformation. She has dark eyes, lip and mouth pigmentation and magnificant colouring/markings. She is explosive, fit and has very high drive. This is a female that all breeders would love to have in their program.

Puppies from Jutta are expected in the second half of 2010 – she will be bred to Boris Z Lebedova Dvora.

Linebreeding: None in 1st 5 generations


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