The IFR championship is a world event hosted every 2nd year and it brings together the best working rottweilers from around the world to compete in an IPO tournament.

For those uninitiated, the definition of the terms are as follows:

IFR – the German defintion is, Internationale Föderation für Rottweiler-Freunde, which translates to, International Federation for friends of the Rottweiler.

IPO – (IPO is the FCI name for sport Schutzhund titles.) The direct translation is: Internationale Prufungs Ordnung (IPO): meaning “International Regulatory Examinations”

The FCI is the governing body for all things to do with purebred dogs around the world. The direct translation for FCI is: Fédération Cynologique Internationale

This year the IFR tournament was held in the German town of Rottweil. I have included the top 15 place getter results for the tournament in the table below.

IFR top 15

This years champion was Greta Marani from Italy with her rottweiler Balu vom Turnleberg. They achieved an”SG” (sehr gut – very good) score as follows: A97, B96, C90 – Total 283. Interestingly this is Greta’s 2nd world championship in a row having won the 2011 IFR also with Balu.

For those that are interested I have conducted an interview with Greta Marani to give us all an insight to her dog, and the required level of training to achieve this level of proficiency in the dogsport of IPO.

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