Seeuferhause male rottweiler stud dogs are selected on their working ability, anatomic correctness and physical soundness.

We have carefully researched our males prior to including them in our breeding program,and all dogs must have proven working ability. This is not limited just to schutzhund titled dogs.

If a dog has been identified to be from a bloodline compatible to our requirements and possess the working drives and full calm bite required for dog sport, then we will consider it as a prospect. Additionally these stud dogs will have to have proven that they “stamp” their progeny with these desirable traits.

We are not a kennel fixed on using our own studs. We will allow our breeding program, and our strategic puppy/adult dog acquisitions to demonstrate our willingness to go to the premier studs, bitches and or combinations of their time to ensure our breeding program is given every opportunity of achieving the goals we have set for it.

Seeuferhause currently have exclusive access to a number of premier stud dogs.

Current Stud Dogs

Young Males

Previously Owned or Used Males

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