Seeuferhause Sovil CONAN

DOB: 28/09/2013
Weight: 52kgs
Hips: 0:0
Elbows: 2:2
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Seehferhause QUANTUS
Dam: Seeuferhause JAFFA


Conan is like his namesake character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80’s!!! He’s big and strong and whilst happy to be your friend, becomes one of the most formidable rottweilers you have ever seen if he gets riled. He is a male rottweiler raised within a family with 3 children and other animals including young puppies.

He is stable, thick nerved with very high prey drive, high in courage and a willingness to engage that will leave you understanding in no uncertain terms that you should move on……

His grips are spectacular, as is his athleticism. Rich, dark colours and markings and superb pigmentation, coupled with excellent bone strength, he is a rottweiler reminiscent of those from yesteryear. In the current era of bullweilers his most redeeming feature has to be his “working” muzzle!!

Watch for Conan’s inclusion in our breeding program later in 2016 or early 2017.

Conan is owned by Tony Fazzolari, who is doing a super job with him!


Rasmus vom Turnleberg (3-4)
Farah vom Turnleberg (4-5,5)
Noris vom Gruntenblick (4,5-6,6)