DOB: 20/6/2008 – 9/10/2017
Height: 66cms
Weight: 51kgs
Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Drago vom Atzelgift (GMY) BH, AD, ZTP, GEKORT Bis 22/5/2007, IPOIII, VPGIII, HD & ED Frei

Dam: Orla vom Hause Anin (GMY) BH, AD, ZTP, VPGIII, HD +/-, ED Frei


  • 1st place 2012 Finnish qualification for IFR
  • Highest Protection score 2012 IFR, 96 points
  • 2013 Finnish IPO Breed Champion 7 winner 2013 IFR elimination

13 Drago vom Taneneck-1869

Studio_DragoIMG_045114680947_932622013510281_5112919568465543872_oDrago vom Taneneck IFR 201225Drago_PKSM2014Drago_NOM2014_A

Drago is the latest addition to the Seeuferhause semen bank; and he brings a significant contribution particularly in diversity of pedigree / bloodline and working ability.

The owner of Drago has owned several “alpha” or high level IPO dogs and in her humble opinion Drago was the most natural candidate for any working application that she has handled to date. I had the privilege of meeting Drago in person in Oct 2015 when I visited Finland; Drago had been retired from competition for almost a year and made an impromptu appearance at the training session to show off his abilities to the “Aussie” visitors. I was left gobsmacked!!!! This rottweiler oozes the Seeuferhause motto: POWER, PERFORMANCE & STABILITY!

The power and performance was on full display on the field… intense drive, powerful heeling & attention, ability to take pressure and remain focused and clear headed and last and best of all…. crushing grips!!! It was everything that I had hoped to see on my trip…. it was day 2 of the trip and if it had ended there I would have been content.

The stability was displayed back at Anu’s residence…. a modest apartment as is the normal living arrangements in Europe where Drago co-resided with Anu and her other, high powered young, entire male rottweiler Giant vom Tanneneck. I was surprised to see the amicable existence and self control exhibited by both of these males; testament to Anu’s rearing and pack structure.


Aki von der Peeler Hutte (4 – 4)
Karo vom Schwaiger Wappen (5 – 5)
Frisko vom Schloss Hause Forst (5,5 – 5)
Basko vom Herterner Wappen (5 – 5)
Falko vom Gruntenblick (5 – 5)

Below are a couple of links to videos of Drago enjoying his work & participation in the activity of training for IPO.

Drago as a young 10 month old experiencing the protection work with a “helper / decoy” for the first time.

This is the video of Drago earning highest protection score (96/100) at the 2012 World Championships (IFR)

Drago doing some agility for fun….