DOB: 2/11/2009
Weight: 42kgs
Hips: (2-1)
Elbows: (0-0)

Sire: Allgemein Kai
Dam: Siegertal Jelsey

Allegra is a compact, substantial physically very strong female.

As her line breeding (2-3 Rasmus vom Turnleberg) suggests she also has a very strong temperament.

Confident, social and outgoing….in any setting…unless you challenge her…then the beast comes out!!! Courageous, and hardness is the best way to describe her….she has an ability to endure stress and is unwavering.

I expect her to produce similar.

Below is short video that displays Allegra’s play drives and tenacity in the grip as a young puppy.

Line breeding

Rasmus vom Turnleberg (imp GMY) (2 – 3)


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