Racker Von Der Flugschneise (imp GMY, via USA) BH, AD, ZTP, SCHIII, Gek. 25/5/97

DOB: 20/7/1993

Sire: Carlo Vom Hamburger Michel BH, AD, ZTP, SCHIII
Dam: Lady Von Der Flugschneise BH, SCHI

This dog needs no introduction!!!!!!

We have acquired 3 breedings of this famous dog to add our kennels’ working dog stocks.

We are currently searching for a suitable bitch to inseminate and we anticipate progeny from this great working dog to be in Australia in the near future.

We have now received video footage of this great working dog and will post clips on the website soon.

Ives Eulenspiegel 4-5

Racker’s pedigree:

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