DOB: 2nd Feb 2006
Height: 63cms
Weight: 52kgs
Hips: 3:2
Elbows: 0:0

Sire: Vonderzenn Gotcha V Hope
Dam: Strongguard Hope

Zena is owned by Shaun Scully. Seeuferhause thanks Shaun for making the decision to breed Zena to our German import Clyde.

Zena is an absolute powerhouse of a female rottweiler. She is a genuine 50kg+ female (not overweight), super strong with excellent conformation. Zena has striking mahogany markings, excellent bone strength and substance. And, what a stunning head!! Zena has the largest ribcage, chest & rear end that I have seen on any female and even makes the largest of males look normal.

It is not uncommon for Shaun to asked for a stud service from his dog wherever he finds himself out and about.

Zena is a high drive, dominant female that we expect will combine very well with any of our strong male stud rottweilers. Given that Zena is a product of the very successful working rottweiler kennels Gaurdstarz and Strongguard we expect her to continue this very strong tradition.

Linebreeding: None in the 1st five generations


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