DOB: 31/3/2008
Height: 66cms
Weight: 45kgs
Hips: HD Frei
Elbows: ED Frei
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Max vom Turnleberg (GMY), BH, ztp, AD, IPOIII, FH2, Gekort bis 23/5/2006, HD & ED Frei

Dam: Dascha vom Roten Falken (GMY), BH, ztp, AD, VPGIII, HD Frei, ED+

ercas side

ercas escapeMe Ercas and Henkercas front1ercas flyingercas podiumercas flying1


  • 4x Dutch National IPO Rottweiler Champion (2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014)
  • FH2 Tracking Title with 98 points, 15/6/2014

Ercas or as his owner Henk affectionately calls him Ivo, is probably the most successful son of the late great Max vom Turnleberg, and arguably from one of the most successful working rottweiler litters to come out of the ADRK in the last 10 years.

Ivo is a highly successful IPO competition dog having won the Dutch National Title 4 times and a proven producer of excellent, high powered working rottweilers. Ivo is another addition to the Seeuferhause semen bank that embodies our motto of: POWER, PERFORMANCE & STABILITY.

In the videos below and the photos on this page you can see all of those attributes clearly demonstrated. Powerful in IPO performance and stable to be social and participate in everyday life!

I want to say a big thank you to Henk for allowing us the opportunity to import Ivo’s semen to Australia and hopefully sooner rather than later we will be graced with his powerful progeny!


Below are some videos of Ercas, we hope you enjoy them.

This is a short video I filmed of Ercas with his owner Henk when I visited them in Holland during my 2015 European trip….. Ercas is just shy of his 8th birthday in this video….

This is a video of Ercas participating in the tracking phase of IPO dogsport

and this is Ercas completing his protection routine in 2012….


Brando vom hause Neubrand (5 – 4)


ercas ped