Seeuferhause Rottweilers are dedicated to excellence, and as such understand the need to give our puppies every opportunity for success. Obviously that starts at home.

All of our puppies are actively socialised in various environments from the age of (4) weeks. This early environmental socialising begins with trips to my nursery office on a daily basis, getting them away from mum and somewhere new with new sounds, smells etc.

in the video above these 4 week old puppies are being stimulated to noise to ascertain their reactions…..

Then, between the age of 5-6 weeks we start bringing the little guys on walks around the property – 20 acres helps to provide a new experience on a daily basis. At 6 weeks the pups have their first big trip to the vet for their vaccinations and then we start bring them out on trips in the car and the dog trailer.

By this time the pups will have been moved out to a puppy run in among the noise and hustle and bustle of the kennel. Here they will be exposed to dogs barking, jumping at fences, growling etc – this certainly helps the puppy become immune to such things. Between the ages of 7-8 weeks the pups are placed in their new forever homes.

So, that’s where the breeder’s direct responsibility stops, or does it?

I don’t believe so. My belief is that as working dog breeders we need to ensure we have programs in place to educate people on the proper upbringing of their puppy. We also need to understand that as first time puppy owners or even second, third etc most people don’t know where to go for this sort of professional advice, so I feel it is our responsibility to provide some direction to a trusted source.

It is my sincere belief that providing this outlet, the number of dogs bought and left in a backyard without adequate socialising and training will reduce, and we will have a better educated public owning these types of dogs.

So, please feel fre to contact us and we will direct you to a trainer in your local city that will be able to assist with your requirements.

Have fun and enjoy your dogs!!!

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