DOB: 20/5/2009 – 24/3/2018
Weight: 50kgs
Hips: 1-1
Elbows: 2-2
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Allgemein Kai
Dam: Rotvel Cors Au

Quantus (aka Zeus)

Quantus, aka Zeus is a working machine!!
A 50kg rottweiler with the speed of a lighter dog, nerves of steel and some of the best athleticism I’ve ever seen in a rottweiler are the ingredients of Seeuferhause Quantus.

If a lap dog is your thing then Zeus is not the dog for you…….but, if performance, power and stability is your thing, then Zeus is the dog for you!!!!

Zues’ pedigree is something to behold, a sire that is line bred on the famous Noris vom Gruntenblick and a dam that is line bred on the famous Graf / Felix combination….what more could you want!!!

Line breeding

None in the first 5 generations


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