Seeuferhause Sovil MODOC (AI), BH, IGPI, OB 1& 2, TR 1 & 2

DOB: 25/10/2016
Weight: 40kgs
Hips: 4:4
Elbows: 2:2
Dentition: Complete / Correct
Eyes: Normal / Similar

X-rays completed at age 5yrs

DNA profiled and JLPP clear (see report below)

Sire: Rocky vom AllNatal, BH, VPGIII (imp GMY via USA) (8TH Place, 2004 IFR)
Dam: Seeuferhause JAFFA


Modoc comes to us via way of artificial insemination. This however is not the only reason that he is special…. he’s also a “long coat’ rottweiler. The long coat is a recessive gene in Rottweilers which in the past has been hit and miss in terms of breeding selection but with the implementation of full DNA profiles in our breeding program, we can prevent this from occurring in future. Albeit Modoc is special and our lovable larrikan!!!

Jo has worked extremely hard with Modoc and to date has achieved his BH title and is well on her to achieving much more with this dog. They have a unique relationship evident when you watch them work together on the training field, and this leaves me certain they will obtain their goals!

Modoc particularly loves the “jumps” the hurdle and the A-Frame and from this activity came his nickname of Fabio… his long locks flowing in the wind as he sails over the obstacles! But don’t let this frivolity fool you; Modoc is every bit Seeuferhause as our other males, tough, driven, uncompromising and real challenge to work with. Lesser trainers than Jo would have probably thrown in the towel by now….. instead, Jo worked out the puzzle and now has this beast humming along and working like a dream!

Tracking is dedicated and intense…. obedience is precise and uplifting and his character is formidable. The eyes say it all…. they are dark and look through you rather than at you.

Modoc comes from a most formidable and prestigious working pedigree, one that is fast becoming very hard to come by all over the world.

We look forward to this teams achievements over the next few years!

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