Sovil “U” Litter

Von Koutz PANZA (aka BOSS) (Seeuferhause ISAAC x Von Koutz ADELINE)
Seeuferhause JAFFA (CLYDE vom Tanneneck (imp GMY) x Guardstarz QUINTA)

5 males & 3 females

Von Koutz Panza aka BOSS

Linebred on our german import CLYDE vom Tanneneck (3 – 2)

Photos taken at 9 weeks

Puppies available from current litter – lively, outgoing and confident puppies – they will make awesome family companions!

Rainbow Boy - AVAILABLE
Rainbow Boy – SOLD
Pink Girl – SOLD

Puppies that have been sold from this current litter

Blue Boy - SOLD
Green Boy - SOLD
Light Blue Girl - SOLD
No Collar Girl - SOLD
Purple Boy - SOLD
Red Boy - SOLD

Here are some videos of the Boss x Jaffa puppies playing in the garden; age 5 weeks

Boss is an extremely stable, driven, tough & robust male rottweiler, and Jaffa is also a very driven female rottweiler.

This is Boss’ first litter and I am excited about what he brings to this breeding…..awesome, crushing grips, clear head, stable nerves and an extremely strong will to work.

Jaffa has produced a previous litter for us from our stud dog QUANTUS; in this first litter she produced a most formidable duo in Conan and Cali….both highly driven and very strong working rottweilers. I expect this litter of puppies to be very similar to Jaffa’s first litter.

Prospective owners with previous rottweiler / working dog experience preferred.

Here is some more photos of Boss:

Boss...ready to go!
Boss...on the move...