Seeuferhause JAGGER, aka Hanz

DOB: 28/07/2011
Weight: 52kgs
Hips: 2:2
Elbows: 0:0
Dentition: Correct / Complete

DNA Profiled & JLPP free (see report below)

Sire: CLYDE vom Tanneneck (imp GMY)
Dam: Guardstarz QUINTA

Jagger or Hanz as he is known is one of the most intense Clyde vom Tanneneck sons to date!!

Super working drives, intense attitude, awesome energy and more grunt that V8 supercar. Hanz is definitely a one family dog…he will not tolerate a stranger on his turf nor within his space. This is a dominant male that will leave no question as to his intentions. Highly territorial, and an athletiscism not normally associated with a large male rottweiler….it is nothing to find Hanz towing his owner Andrew (approx 100kg man) up a hill on the bike for 10kms…and then play some ball!!

This dog is not for the faint hearted and is a defnite equal of his 3/4 brother VARUS (aka Viper).

Along with his character, Hanz brings great conformation, great angles, substance, head type, muscular body, dark eyes and mouth pigment, along with excellent hip/elbow scores.


Farah vom Turnleberg (4-4)
Noris vom Gruntenblick (5-5)


DNA Report

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