DOB: 9/12/2015
Height: TBC
Weight: TBC
Hips: R1 : L1
Elbows: R0 : L0
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Seeuferhause QUANTUS
Dam: Seeuferhause XTRA


Thoreena is one of our young, promising female rottweilers.

She is from the successful combination of Quantus and Nala. Full sister to Tavi, who is a young male that has achieved his BH and working towards his IPOI in the dog sport of schutzhund; residing in QLD.

Thoreena is a ball of energy, high prey drive, good nerves and always looking for something to do. She has a strong will to work. Thoreena is maturing into a strong working line female, and represents her lineage well.

I expect her to produce some hard working rottweilers for the kennel in the next few years.

Line Breeding

Rotvel Aussie Viggi (3 -4)
Farah vom Turnleberg (4 – 6)



Health Reports:

thoreenas hip elbows