Seeuferhause Sovil “R” Litter

Seeuferhause QUAID (Seeuferhause ISAAC x Guardstarz MYTH)
Seeuferhause YVES (Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY) x Von Zennith SHAKI)

Quaid (aka Diesel)

This litter was born on the 25/8/2015…..and the puppies are now 3 weeks old. If you have made an enquiry for a puppy you will receive an email regarding the litter and you will now be able to place a deposit for your puppy.

At this early stage the puppies are nice in type, have beautiful heads, and rich colours and markings. Their temperament seems sound; they are handling all of the environmental stimulus as well as can be expected and they show great promise!

This is the first litter from Quaid (aka Diesel) – he is a powerful young male rottweiler. Diesel carries some old bloodlines renowned for producing, hard, tough stable rottweilers. He is high in drive, clear headed and stable. He is well behaved in a social setting, however qucik to respond if stimulated to do so! A very handsome young fella, we expect some awesome looking puppies; substantial, heavy bone and nice heads.

This will be Yves second litter – her first produced 2 awesome males that are growing into very nice adolescent male rottweilers. Yves is an awesome family dog, tolerant of toddlers and other pets, displaying the true rottweiler character.

****the video below with the puppies playing with the bottle is the litter that Quaid was born in****


Here are some photos of the puppies playing around at 6 weeks of age. Their individual photos are listed below these….and if you scroll further doen the page you will find some short videos of the puppies playing in the yard!

Male Puppy – SOLD

Roy - 6 weeks
Roy - 3 weeks
Roy - 3 weeks

Female Puppy – Pink Collar – Reserved

Rina - 6 weeks
Rina - 3 weeks
Rina - 3 weeks

Female Puppy – Green Girl – SOLD

R-Alley - 6 weeks
R- Alley- 3 weeks
R- Alley- 3 weeks

Female Puppy – Blue Girl

Roxi - 6 weeks
Roxi - 3 weeks
Roxi - 3 weeks

Female Puppy – White Girl – SOLD

Rhea - 6 weeks
Rhea - 3 weeks
Rhea - 3 weeks


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