DOB: 28/10/2009
Weight: 45kgs
Hips: 1:7
Elbows: 0:0
Dentition: Complete and Correct

Sire: Siegertal Uri (aka DOC)
Dam: Seeuferhause Delta

photos taken at 12mths

Tomba is a very exciting young male rottweiler. He is intense in every way possible. His drives are extreme and this dog does not have an off switch. He is super explosive in his physicality and all facets of his work.

Grips are crushing, and he seeks to dominate ate every opportunity. Prey drive is through the roof and he definitely carries the sharpness that his sire, Doc is renowned for. This dog is not to be taken lightly, his strength of character can only be described as very dominant. He is the result of an inbreeding conducted specifically to preserve the incredible traits of his sire.

Tomba is a very compact, agile and athletic rottweiler. He is medium to large in size and has a beautiful, strong masculine head type. Short back, super rear angulation and dynamic musculature.

Tomba is now living in WA, however has sired a very exciting litter for us (Seeuferhause “I’ litter – see current litters page) and another litter due at the end of July 2011 for another rottweiler kennel.

Special thanks to Mr Shane Asanuma who raised Tomba till 12mths – super upbringing and socialising job – thanks mate!

Line breeding:
Siegertal Uri (1 – 2)

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