Seeuferhause Sovil EBO, aka Roman

DOB: 16th August 2017
Weight: 42kgs
Hips: TBC
Elbows: TBC
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Seeuferhause VARUS
Dam: Seeuferhause Sovil CALI



Roman is an exciting young male rottweiler.

Roman lives in Sydney, and is owned and trained by Adam Tonazzi. Together, Adam & Roman are a young, talented team training and competing in the dog sport of IGP, proudly representing the Working K9 Club on the Central Coast of NSW. So far they have achieved the title of BH, and have recently trialed for their SPR1 title which unfortunately didn’t go to plan…. Roman failed to search the blind and as such was DQ, however went on to perform a very powerful routine that would under normal circumstances seen the pair achieve an impressive score!!! More training and better luck next time!!!

Roman is a medium sized male working rottweiler. He will continue to fill out and eventually will be an imposing proposition on the working field. He possesses high working drives and good trainability. On the working field he is intense, and off the working field serves as an awesome companion dog for one of Adam’s friends who unfortunately suffers from high anxiety – this is an outstanding testament to Roman’s character and his ability to turn on and off as required!

In relative “rottweiler terms” Roman is still a young dog, having just turned 2 yrs old. Despite his already impressive working ability he will continue to mature and develop and along with Adam’s training expertise, the next 12-24 months will show tremendous improvement and I anticipate excellent results and achievements on the trial field!!!! Look out for this awesome team!!!


Here is a short video of Adam and Roman participating in an IGP seminar in NSW.

This is the video of Adam and Roman’s BH routine completed on the Central Coast NSW, in which they achieved a pass under judge Mr Michael Kamphuis from South Australia


Clyde vom Tanneneck (2-3)
Siegertal Uri (3-4)
Rasmus vom Turnleberg (4-4,5)
Farah vom Turnleberg (5,5-5,6,6)


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