Seeuferhause Sovil CASTRO, aka Ronin

DOB: 30th April 2017
Weight: 40-42kgs (Working Weight 38kgs)
Hips: TBC
Elbows: TBC
Dentition: Correct / Complete

Sire: Seeuferhause PONGO
Dam: Seeuferhause Sovil INA



Ronin is an another exciting young Seeuferhause prospect.

Ronin lives in our nation’s capital; Canberra ACT, with his owner, trainer and handler Peter and his family.

Peter a police officer and has raised this rottweiler with a specific purpose in mind – to be a well rounded, confident utility dog that can perform in the sporting arena all the while being ready to go as a general service dog if required.

Peter managed most of Ronin’s early training and now is a member of the Karma K9 Dog Sports Inc. Club in Canberra.

Ronin is a dedicated tracker ( a highly valued skill in the services) and has recently also achieved his BH at trial on the Central Coast of NSW hosted by Working K9 Club.

The future looks bright for this duo and we will keep you posted on their activities.


Here is a short video of Peter introducing Ronin to a helicopter during some training exercises.

This is the video of Peter & Ronin BH routine completed on the Central Coast NSW, in which they achieved a pass under judge Mr Michael Kamphuis from South Australia


Clyde vom Tanneneck (3,3 – 3)
Rasmus vom Turnleberg (5 – 4,5)
Farah vom Turnleberg (6,6,6 – 5,6,6)



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