Weight: 38kgs
Hips: 8:3
Elbows: 0:0
Dentition: Complete / Correct

Sire: Svawill Hadjuk
Dam: Oberhundes Bessie

Matilda is an awesome looking rottweiler with a super temperament. She has extreme prey drive, good aggression and that old fashioned sharpness missing in today’s rottweilers. Matilda loves to work and would be equally at home in the conformation ring.

Matilda has a head to die for, dark eyes, lips and mouth pigmentation. She has exceptional markings and colours, great substance and bone. Overall this is a super female rottweiler.

Puppies from Matilda are expected mid 2010 and she will be bred to our stud rottweiler Doc.

Line breeding:

Oberhundes “B” litter: 2 – 1
Jenecks Bessy: 4,4 – 3
Vicky vom Schwaiger Wappen: 5 – 5
Jenecks Wotan: 5,4,5 – 3,5


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