DOB: 25/10/2016
Height: 66cms
Weight: 45kgs
Hips: TBC
Elbows: TBC
Dentition: Correct / Complete

┬áDNA Tested – ALL CLEAR including JLPP

Sire: Rocky vom AllNatal, BH, SCHIII, IPOIII, IFR 2004 competitor, 8th place IPOIII
Dam: Seeuferhause JAFFA


Tyson is a product of a frozen semen breeding using the old school bloodline of Rocky vom AllNatal.

This bloodline is becoming increasingly rare across the world – testament to this is the inquiry I received about 4.5 years ago from the ADRK “Checkpoint Charlie” kennel to confirm that I actually had this semen in my possession!

We have used this semen once before and produced a formidable male rottweiler; Seeuferhause BUDDY, however I think in this case we have gone one step further! In addition to his sire’s bloodline Tyson also carries the super strong combination of Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY) x Doc daughter on the mother’s side.

Tyson is an awesome young prospect for our kennel both in terms of his conformation which is excellent, his hard, tough character, strong working drives and potential stud dog qualities. At just 17 months of age in the photos above, you have to agree we have reason to be excited!

Tyson lives with his owner Mehmet and his family; including young children and another dog. He is clear headed, stable and an intrinsic part of that family. Tyson is very territorial, yet social and open in the public and definitely carries the “Viper” trait of his sire! Extremely dynamic in his work he represents his lineage very well.

Line Breeding

Tyson is line bred on “old blood” typically not found in modern pedigrees. You can see the list of those ancestors below.

DNA Results: