DOB: 9/04/2017
Weight: 42kgs
Hips: R1 : L2
Elbows: R0 : L0
Dentition: Complete / Correct
Eyes: Normal / Similar

DNA profiled and JLPP clear (see report below)

Sire: BUTCH von den Wichtelhausern, BH, AD, IPOIII (imp GMY via USA)
Dam: Seeuferhause ESKY


Butch comes to us via way of artificial insemination.

Butch’s sire comes from the prestigious German (ADRK) working kennel von den Wichtelhausern. In a short period of time, this kennel has earned a reputation for producing extremely hard working rottweilers. Butch’s sire is a product of, in my humble opinion the two best lines to come out of the Schwingbach kennel. I followed the Schwingbach kennel for many years and whilst Gero was an impressive male, the reason I pursued this line was Butch grandmother; Donna vom Schwingbach, who in my opinion was one the hardest working females I have seen. No surprise really when you consider her father was an “old school” legend Dorkas vom Bornchen (line bred on Ken vom Sternbogen) and a dam line back to Quantus vom Hause Anin and another link to Ken vom Sternbogen.

Proof of these working credentials is Butch von den Wichtelhausern litter sister Bambam, winning the prestigious ADRK Deutchmeister 2x (2015 & 2016) and being runner up in 2017 – rarely do females place highly in this event let alone win twice and nearly take out the hat-trick!!!!

Butch’s dam is one of our most exceptional working bitches; Seeuferhause ESKY. Esky brings good¬† amounts of drive & nerve strength to the table, intensity and overall working ability! Esky also provides another link up to Quantus vom Hause Anin through our old stud dog Boris. These lines are predictable in producing power and strong working ability.

Butch is a very promising young rottweiler – a nice male, with good pigmentation and functional, athletic conformation. He is an intense male with balanced drives and an open social character, which should not be mistaken for weakness.

We anticipate¬†Butch’s contribution to our breeding program will be significant. He carries a pedigree free of the normal working lines of the last 15 yrs, which adds diversity to our breeding program and allows him to be paired with our strong bitch line over the next few years.

Line breeding:

Quantus vom Hause Anin (5, 4 – 3)





Here is some video footage of a young Butch going through his obedience training routine.