DOB: 25/10/2016
Hips: R2 : L3
Elbows: R0 : L1
Dentition: Complete / Correct
Eyes: Normal / Similar

DNA profiled and JLPP CLear (see reports below)

Sire: ROCKY vom Allnatal, BH, AD, IPOIII (imp GMY via USA)
Dam: Seeuferhause JAFFA


Snookie comes to us via way of artificial insemination.

Snookie’s sire is Rocky vom Allnatal. Rocky was imported from Germany to USA by Sue Maturo, and was a high level IPO/Schutzhund competitor, competing and placing 8th at the 2004 world championship. Rocky carries a unique and rare working bloodline; it was rare when we imported it from the USA, it is even rarer now! Rocky is one of the reasons we arrived at the decision to buy Bluelady vom Checkpoint Charlie (aka Chilli) from Germany. I received a phone call one night from Chilli’s breeder prior to Chilli being born inquiring about the Rocky semen. He was excited as this is “blood” which cannot be found in Germany / Europe; unfortunately he could not use the semen as Rocky has not passed the ADRK Ztp – this was most disappointing for him. This is the second time we have used the Rocky semen, and by all accounts the progeny will be as strong as it promises.

Snookie’s dam is Seeuferhause Jaffa. Jaffa brings huge amounts of drive & intensity! Jaffa is a daughter of our old German import Clyde vom Tanneneck. Clyde’s pedigree is the strength that underpins much of what the Seeuferhause reputation is based on; Performance, Power & Stability. Jaffa has produced some very nice, hard working rottweilers for our kennel.

Snookie is a very promising young rottweiler – a nice female, with dark pigmentation and very good functional conformation. She is energetic and enthusiastic. She is an intense female with balanced drives and an open social character.

We anticipate she will be a great addition to our future brood bitch stocks.

Line breeding:

Snookie is line bred on “old blood” typically not found in modern pedigrees.

You can see the list of those ancestors below.


DNA Reports: