Why is the ZTP the Breed Suitability Test of Choice for Rottweilers?

Herding/Droving or the ZTP? The answer is clear, and for good reasons…… ZTP! One the joys and benefits of being involved with Rottweilers has been the friendships and professional relationships which I have established with people from across the world. It gives me an opportunity to learn from people who live in cultures and environments […]

Choose a Breed Because of It’s Character, not Its Exterior….

Below you will find an interview given by Mr Dirk Vandecasteele some time ago. Mr Vandecasteele is the current President of the IFR (International Federation of Rottweiler Friends).  Dirk shared this interview with me as a result of a conversation we were having about “breed suitability tests” and the requirement for Rottweilers to be kept […]

ADRK DM – review of the last decade 2008 – 2018

Rottweilers have historically been considered a versatile working breed; one capable of performing admirably within a number of disciplines in the K9 world. The modern era (my personal definition) post 2000 has seen an unofficial delineation between “working line” and “conformation/show” line rottweilers. The latter, generally being a heavier set, larger type version and working […]

Puppies from ADRK legend DAGO VOM TURNLEBERG have arrived…..

DAGO vom Turnleberg (imp GMY via USA) (frozen semen) (DRAGO vom Atzelgift x UMBRA vom Turnleberg) x Seeuferhause GCHOPPER (CLYDE vom Tanneneck (imp GMY) x Guardstarz MYTH) Puppies are now 6 weeks and have had their big roadtrip to the vet! they travelled well and behaved themselves at the vet; all of the puppies showed […]

The GERMANS are coming!!!!!!

Exciting news for Seeuferhause Rottweilers for 2016!!!! For years now we have been concentrating on developing our working rottweiler genepool. This has been accomplished through the use of: – our imported stud dog Clyde vom Tanneneck (imp GMY) – the robust, and high drive bloodlines of Rasmus vom Turnleberg – a couple of AI breedings, […]

A first for Seeuferhause….Luciano now BH, & IPOI

****STOP PRESS**** Seeuferhause LUCIANO is now BH, IPOI Congratulations and well done to Shane Asanuma for achieving his IPOI with Seeuferhause Luciano. Luciano is the first rottweiler in this IPO organisation to achieve his IPOI in 10 yrs. A testament to Shane’s hard work and dedication and of course Luciano’s genetic ability to obtain this […]

Seeuferhause POLICE DOG

************STOP PRESS**************** Seeuferhause VARUS (aka VIPER) is now officially a POLICE DOG with the Northern Territory police department!!!! Viper participated and passed the general purpose police dog course with his handler Mr Tim Hatton. Viper is only the 2nd rottweiler currently active within any police force in Australia, and the 1st within the Northern Territory.