Puppies from ADRK legend DAGO VOM TURNLEBERG have arrived…..

DAGO vom Turnleberg (imp GMY via USA) (frozen semen) (DRAGO vom Atzelgift x UMBRA vom Turnleberg)
Seeuferhause GCHOPPER (CLYDE vom Tanneneck (imp GMY) x Guardstarz MYTH)

DAGO vom Turnleberg

Puppies are now 6 weeks and have had their big roadtrip to the vet! they travelled well and behaved themselves at the vet; all of the puppies showed incredible pain tolerance when the microcipping was being done….not whisper not even a flinch!!! Tough little guys. The vet couldnt help but remark on their size for 6 week old puppies….they are massive!

Puppies are now 5 weeks and we have commenced conditioning them to the clicker at meal times….I will post a video of this next week….below are some updated photos and a couple of videos….quality is poor as the lighting was terrible today…overcast and late afternoon…sorry folks…we’ll do better next week….promise!!!

Here are some videos of the puppies at 5 weeks old playing in the garden….

Puppies are now 4 weeks old…..below you will find some updated photos and a short video of the puppies having their first meal…

Puppies are now 3 weeks old…..here are some photos of them in the backyard….first trip out of the litter box…

Red girl

Green Girl
Purple Girl

Here are some videos of the puppies first time in the backyard and out of the litter box….

EXCITING TIMES PEOPLE……an ADRK legend, via frozen semen technology…..

Puppies have arrived – 4 strong, substantial puppies – 3 females and 1 male

DAGO vom Turnleberg
Height: 67cms Weight: 54kgs
HD Frei – ED Frei (ADRK)
Multi “V” Rated

Dago is one of the most prestigious ADRK male rottweilers imported to Australia…….a truly SUPERIOR specimen!

He is qualified to the highest, strictest possible standard within the rigorous German breeding system! Additonally he is a son of one of the most respected and famous working rottweilers of the last 10-15 years; DRAGO vom Atzelgift, who is a proven producer of extreme working rottweilers and of course his mother, UMBRA vom Turnleberg, the full litter sister to our CLYDE’s sire ULIX.

Dago is a proven producer of excellent working rottweilers, with the added benefit of being an extremely handsome stud!

Here are some more photos of Dago….

on the move....
...can't get away!

I have kept an eye on Dago for some time, however I was not convinced about using him in our breeding program until I had the opportunity to view some of his progeny, both online and in person on my last trip to Germany in November last year. He produces extremely hard working rottweilers, high in drive, robust in nerve strength and very high in courage!

GChopper is a working machine…what she lacks is cute looks she more than makes up for in working ability. Extremely high drives and strong will to work. Although stable in temperament she is aloof and does not take kindly to strangers and she has an ability to take pressure rarely seen in rottweiler females of the modern era.

This litter is definitely suitable for any working application and will only be sold to experienced breed enthusiasts.


here are some photos of the puppies taken at 2 weeks old – photos will be updated as they progress….

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