SeeuferCOPYhause….for real or fake….

Time flies when you’re having fun!!!!

It’s been over 28 years since my love affair with the Rottweiler began…..I can still remember driving to Ballarat, Vic with my dad in 1987 to collect my first rottweiler puppy….my dad..a serious man, dedicated to his family and work thought this trip was the most insane thing of my at that time, short life….don’t worry Pops I didn’t let you down…there were many more!!!!

Its also been just over 10 years that this awesome journey of breeding Rottweilers began with the purchase of my first breeding bitch; Rotvel Cors Au, her mother Rotvel Aussie Viggi and a tough old bastard Rotvel Aussie Tzachmark.

Rotvel Au Cors
Rotvel Cors Au
Rotvel Aussie Viggi
Rotvel Aussie Tzachmark

The journey has been great with many more dogs (some might say too many…LOL) and lots of good people along the way. And, one lesson that I have learnt in my life is to never forget the people that have helped me along the way; people like Ms Joy Belles from the famous breeding kennel ROTVEL. To people such as Joy I am forever indebted and as such I would give the shirt off my back to help her if she ever needed it. There are many more people like Joy, but that story is for another time and another article…..

Joy Belles & Mamba 2010

The purpose of this story is to discuss the fairly contemporary topic of “SEEUFERHAUSE” pedigrees appearing on websites of other breeders and in various advertisements that you will see across many mediums such as social media, on-line publications, websites etc.

This journey through the “dog life” brings many people into ones life…mostly great people I am pleased to say however as with all of life’s other endeavours…some not so good. But, it takes time to sort the wheat from the chaff…

I am proud to say that I have paid my dues when it comes to my rottweiler breeding enterprises….countless hours; at one time I calculated the equivalent of a university degree in comparable hours studying pedigrees and researching breeders, both in Aus and overseas…..hours upon hours of conversations with many people that came before me, listening to their stories and encounters with rottweilers…..miles and miles of travel to see dog after dog…soaking up all the information like the proverbial sponge, because like anything in life you need to do your apprenticeship, and not to mention the $,000’s invested and expended!

Playing tug with Pack vom Amtsbach in Germany 2009

In that time there are people that have come and gone, and people that have stuck. Irrespective, most of them are long term rottweiler people that love the breed and are dedicated to it! And, for that I applaud them; people that I know have sacrificed a large portion of their lives and expense for the breed and whilst I may not see eye to eye with them, I can publicly acknowledge their efforts and congratulate them on their achievements. You see it’s a tried and true model, they have all….DONE THEIR TIME…..and have worked long and hard to accomplish what they have….and to build their BRAND!!!!

This brings me to the point of discussion…..I too have worked long; long and hard to build my brand….the SEEUFERHAUSE brand and I am very proud of what I have achieved…..and mostly I am proud and grateful when I hear the many people make such positive comments about my work. I am generally very modest and my own harshest critic…this will never change; however when numerous people are so complimentary I take 5 mins every now and again to savour the fruits of my labour. Then there is always the flip side and there are always detractors and for them, I wish them well.

So, when your influence spreads, and the brand you have created reaches places that you could only have imagined, it stands that, the very same brand at a point in time will form some part of something that someone else is looking to establish / create. This cannot be helped, and to a great extent, in the majority of cases I am very proud of that impact and the recognition of having someone choose my brand as their base or as a portion of what they are doing.

And, whilst this activity is complimentary, it is not necessarily a blessing every time. Once the dogs and the pedigrees have left my care I no longer control them, nor what happens with them and this is the risk you take as a breeder. You vett your clients, you do everything possible to ensure that the puppies and dogs you provide to the community are going to great homes….and, I am happy to say that to date I have not had any cases of dogs I have sold being mistreated or harmed…thank GOD! But, it is not the case that my views on dog breeding / dog keeping will not always be aligned with those of the people that buy my dogs…but…that’s life. There are avenues that could assist with limiting the access to the pedigrees and bloodlines, however as I was given the opportunity years ago I feel it is not for me to place these restrictions on others ambitions and dreams.

SEEUFERHAUSE….it stands for something….the slogan is Power, Performance, Stability; this is not something I take lightly…many hours of thought, work and even meditation go into the breeding combinations that I put together in an attempt to stay true to those words…and whilst others may advertise the Seeuferhause breeding combination, they cannot attest to the same philosophy, belief, and, quite simply they do not have the education, knowledge or insight to the dogs and pedigrees to allow them to stay true to the motto!

So whilst their endeavours might be genuine and sincere they are not true to SEEUFERHAUSE.

This is not to say that what they are breeding is not good, its not to say they are good…it simply confirms that they do not know!! Much the same as I did not know all those years ago…its not their fault, its just what it is, and how it is!!

Beware the Dunning Kruger effect…in short, a syndrome whereby individuals gain a little knowledge that leaves them believing they know more / are better than or on a higher plane in life than they really are….it then takes a considerable amount of time for them to realise how little they really know or how incompetent they really are….again, its normal…most of us have been or are there….some just haven’t realised or wont admit it…LOL!!

There is one distinct element however that if it is present makes the difference…..if you see the advert…and you see SEEUFERHAUSE….ask yourself one thing…..WHAT DOES SEEUFERHAUSE HAVE TO DO WITH THIS?? in other words, what is my involvement…and I don’t mean a financial interest in the breeding dogs or puppies….I mean, what personal investment / commitment am I making in this breeder or the breeding combination? What level of consultation has this person had with me before making the combination they did? What level of knowledge do they have with regards to the dogs in the breeding combination they are putting together? the pedigrees, the dogs in the previous generations etc etc And, if the answer is none or very little as can be the case then they are not being true to the motto POWER, PERFORMANCE, STABILITY and therefore you should seek the original.

Seeuferhause Boys
Seeuferhause Boys

There are always individuals that I do support and will continue to support in this industry….individuals that are either branching out on their own adventures, or I have met through my travels….some of the prefix’s / brands that I am happy to be involved with are: Joy Belles and Rotvel; Sonny Nguyen and Sanehause; Kris Kotsopoulos and Von Forell; Daniel Basso and Von Familiar; Catherine and Brent with The K9 Company; Brad Griggs and Canine Services International; to name a few….these are individuals that have contributed in some form my success and I am privileged to be in a position to reciprocate!!

There are many great people that I have met on this journey, and there will be many more…for this I am forever grateful. Some of my closest friends have come into my life through these wonderful dogs; the Rottweiler, and I hold them dear.

Together we will for a very long time bring happiness and joy to many other families and individuals through the dogs that we breed, and I’d like to take the opportunity to encourage them to keep up the good fight and stay true to the motto:


Seeuferhause Rottweilers

7 thoughts on “SeeuferCOPYhause….for real or fake….

  1. Brad Griggs says:

    Great post Laurie, and thanks for the shout out. It is greatly appreciated.

    As a result of your efforts Seeuferhause has most definitely become a brand, and that has it’s ups and downs.

    This is a universal issue for those that make a meaningful contribution to the working dog scene via a significant breeding program. The problem transcends breed, state, and nationality.

    That one breeds a particular dog does not mean in any way, shape or form imply an endorsement of the quality or ability of that dog, or the use of that dog in somebody else’s breeding program.

    Anybody looking at making the decision to purchase a dog based on the strength of the Seeuferhause name appearing the marketing material, or in the pedigree of the dog, should still perform their due diligence and do a little research.

    Luckily, its as easy as shooting you an email and asking whether it is a breeding your kennel endorses, or has an interest in.

  2. laurie says:

    Comment left on Seeuferhause facebook page 13/03/2015 by Kris Kotsopoulos

    Well Written Laurie, Listening is an art. When you listen, you pay attention not only to what the person is saying, but also to how they are saying it. You take in their body language and notice unspoken messages. You check for understanding by repeating what they say as you understood it. Your intention is to understand the entire message from our discussions and it is evident in the expression of the working genes you are producing. You are one of the few that have stayed true to the cause. As a result you are witnessing the inevitable results. Stay true, loyal and honest to the breed first and then the rest will follow. Kris Kotsopoulos – Von Forell Australia

  3. laurie says:

    Comment left on Seeuferhause facebook page 13/03/2015 by Emanuel Skorpos

    Laurie Boutzetis well said An epic journey of trials and tribulations, an Ambassador of the breed in this country. In life we meet as you say those who teach us along the way, some great some not so great none the less they all contribute to shape us into the people we are today lessons learnt. Building a brand takes time commitment and serious investment we know only to we’ll what that means and takes in developing Flinders Run. We are lucky enough to have met people like yourself and others both domestically and internationally that have a taken the time to assist us with the development of Vom Haus ELK and for that we say thanks. Looking forward to having that drink my friend see you in a couple weeks.

  4. Brent Dry says:

    Hey Laurie. An excellent article as they all are on your page. We were drawn to you by your passion and beliefs for what the Rottweiler should be and I love how you continue to uphold that belief and to strive endlessly to achieve it.

    Thank you for our awesome boy Zooka, your support and keep up the amazing work.

  5. Toni Rogers says:

    I have just read your article Laurie, and I’m so glad that you have put this out there. As I mentioned to you I had noticed a few breeders over in Perth with the Seeuferhause name attached to it, and thought it rather strange. People who know you and know what your about will work out the differences between the “Fake” and the real Seeuferhause. Having got my first male rottie from you, I can only say that I have been extremely happy with him, and the after care that you have given him has been second to none. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Lyn Green says:

    Love your insight on the Rottweiler I had my first my first one Khan in 1987 just before my son was born, what a pair they made, use to hide from me in the bush he would even hide from me with my son behind a tree, my son was 2yrs at that stage. Would never have any other dog now and I don’t care what people say I would defend the breed. Unfortunately there are breeders that don’t hold the same love of the breed as you do.

  7. Michelle says:

    My love for the Rottweiler began 23 yrs ago and they certainly get into your blood 🙂
    You are an inspiration to do better for the breed and I’m hoping I can learn new things from you from the knowledge you have gained. The Rottweiler has lost in some arenas most of what it was bred for initially and thanks to your dedication and people like you, the true definition of a Rottweiler is alive.
    I’ve been blessed with a sound, confident dog from you and your years of research and hard work is obvious in the breed.
    Keep up the great work, I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Seeferhause. Great web page!

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