Conversation with Anu Vehvilainen about Working vs Show Rottweilers

In late 2015 I made the trip to Europe to meet Bluelady vom Checkpoint Charlie prior to committing to importing her to Australia.

The first leg of the trip was Finland to meet Anu Vehvilainen – since that trip Anu has visited Australia and conducted a seminar for us.

This short video clip is part of a larger interview that I conducted with Anu in 2015 in Finland. Anu is discussing her views on working vs show rottweilers.

Compared to my views on this subject, Anu has a more tempered / well balanced approach and these views have washed off on me somewhat since then; I do see and understand her point of view and seek to incorporate where ever possible with regard to our breeding program.

Over the next few weeks I will share some more of the content of that interview, starting with this – there was one other previously published – I hope you enjoy this one!